What is Oslo & Alfred all about?


Well, sit back and let me tell you a little story. When my great, great grandmother was a young girl…...just kidding! Please check out our About Page where you can read about our business, and life in Tokyo. You can also take a few minutes to peruse our blog, which gives an up-to-date glimpse into the happenings with our little company, and little family. Ok! Ok! If you really want to know what Oslo & Alfred is all about, I’ll go ahead and tell you. We are a couple who connects at the soul level in our love for all things creative. Through Oslo & Alfred, the blog and the business, we have found a perfect medium to fully express our creativeness and see our dreams become a small reality. We’re all about drawing cool things and putting those cool drawings on cool stuff and then sharing it with cool people through our website, where you can get your hands on some cool products, and on our cool blog through awesome (you thought I was going to say cool, didn’t you?) content (i.e. photos, video, art, music, etc.). ~ Nathan


How did you come up with the name Oslo & Alfred?


For years now I have been drawing an owl and a French bulldog. It was those two doodles that I found myself continuing to draw and expand on. They slowly became little characters I created throughout my years of drawing. So, when I decided to pursue making a small living off my illustrations, I turned to my trusty doodle pals and decided to name them “Olso” (the owl) and “Alfred” (the French bulldog). ~ Taren



May I feature you or your work on my blog or site?


All of the material posted on our site is copyrighted and requires our written approval before being used for commercial or private projects. That being said, we do enjoy collaborating with other artists, so please contact us via our Contact Page with your project ideas. ~ Nathan


Where can I find more ways to fold my Little Kuro Cloth?


Check out these tutorials online:




How do you find such amazing music to go with your video posts?


So far, we have written all of our own background music. Nathan usually knocks back a few Suntory and cokes on a Friday evening, and pumps out the jams in our project recording studio. :) We’ve had some requests from other blogger friends for some hip O&A studio tunes, and we’re currently trying to find the best way to make our original music available through our website, so stay “tuned” ~ Taren